Saturday, June 6, 2009

Road Trip!!!

I got to go to the beach over Memorial Day. I made lots of new friends at the beach, but I missed Eloise. I made dog friends, big and small, and people friends. I didn't even know that I liked water, but I thought it was fun jumping over the waves. Mom didn't get any pictures of me in the water. I hope I can go back one day so that I can actually get pictures of me in the water to share with you!

So, Mom and I hopped in the car and drove to St. Simons, GA. It's my favorite beach town! Mom's friends from high school, Kate and Cori (twins!), met us there. Kate's dog Lou came. He's crazy! He chases tennis balls! I'm going to do that one day. I was pooped from the swim, so I had to take a nap while they played. Here are my favorite pictures from the trip.

Here's a picture of me being well behaved in the car. I'm so good!

I'm on the beach!

Whoa! Mirrors.

There's Lou! Miss you Lou!!!

Mommy couldn't find me. She got worried. I was just taking a nap!

I took another nap. I sure love the beach!

As much as I like the beach, I was glad to get home and play with Eloise again!!!

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  1. They are adorable! I love your blog! Good for you.