Thursday, August 6, 2009

Eloise Update

Well, we haven't figured out what's wrong with Eloise's head, but they have diagnosed her with congestive heart failure due to a newly developed heart murmur. She goes to get her medication on Monday. Bad day for Eloise, :(

BUT, on a much happier note, it's Daddy's birthday!!!! Happy Birthday to the best Daddy in the World!!! We love you Daddy!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

We've Been Busy!

We have been so busy lately! Mommy started a new job, so she's been a little stressed and tired. We've been trying to cheer her up by being adorable, and I think you'll agree that we did an excellent job! Daddy's parents also came to visit us, and we LOVE it when we get to see them. They like to play with us and give us treats. They didn't bring their dog, Baby, because Baby's been sick. Poor, Baby! Daddy has been busy helping Mommy more around the house and cooking dinner to help her at night. We're all pitching in to help - and here are some pictures we took to show what we've been doing! The Soileau household is a real team, and we pitch in TONS! Thank goodness we're here!

Here is Sassy playing with her vanilla bone. Mommy and Daddy like these bones because they make our breath smell like cupcakes! We like them because we can chew on them and not get in trouble (Sassy's note to dog: DO NOT CHEW ON THE WINDOWSILL ANYMORE - oops!).

Mommy and Daddy have had this flower for a LONG time. The Patterson grandparents gave it to Eloise a long time ago, but she only likes soft toys and never played with it! When Sassy saw it, she looooooved it! Here is Sassy playing with a flower. She might be a tough dog, but she's all girl underneath! She loves flowers!

And Eloise has been extra silly lately. She jumped up on the couch and burrowed into Daddy's shorts! Mommy and Daddy looked over at her, and they couldn't stop laughing. No one could tell if she did it by accident or on purpose, but it sure made the night fun. Mommy and Daddy are still laughing about it!

Sassy harasses Eloise constantly. Eloise sits on the back of the chair regularly now to avoid Miss Sassy. If you look closely, you can see Sassy's head on the chair. Mommy and Daddy don't let Sassy on the furniture, so she just puts her front paws on the chair. Mommy and Daddy fuss at her for that, but she still does it. She's a rascal! In all fairness to Sassy, she's not technically on the furniture if her back legs are on the ground, right?? Anyway, Eloise camps out up here a lot now to avoid the puppiness of Sassy.

Here's a funny picture of our Ivanyisky grandparents! We love ya'll!

Sassy had to go get her latest round of shots on Saturday, and she already weighs 46 pounds! She's going to be really big!! She's been extra silly since she's gotten bigger. Mommy was taking a bath the other night, and Sassy jumped in the tub with her! She's so silly! But Mommy should have known that Sassy likes water, so we blame it on her. It was really funny. Just look how big this girl has gotten! Mommy and Daddy keep saying that she doesn't look like a puppy anymore and that she looks like a dog. We think they are confused because Sassy's always been a dog.

On a serious note, little Eloise has some big medical tests coming up on Wednesday. Mommy took her to the vet with Sassy on Saturday, and they kept feeling around on her head. Mommy has been watching a place on Eloise's head for a week or so because she thought it was just a knot on her head. Well, the vet was a little concerned because the bump is so close to Eloise's eye, so Eloise has to have x-rays done on Wednesday. They also discovered a heart murmur. We're all keeping our fingers crossed that our little Eloise is just fine, but we could use all of the good doggie thoughts over the next few days. We love you, Eloise! We'll let you know how it goes on Wednesday!

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